7 Ways You Can Save Money But Still Enjoy At The Rugby Sevens

There are countless suggestions one can be offered for an event as stressful as the Rugby Sevens and saving money is not only for businesses, and as a Sevens veterinarian myself, I really feel obliged to recommend my other Hong Kongers as well as recently administered ex-pats.

What I wish to provide to you all is this: 7 money-saving tips THEY don’t want you to understand about during the Rugby Sevens weekend break.

1) Strategy in advance for your costume
I’m sure you might think that the outfit prices will be sky high in areas near the location. Right after big holidays like Halloween and Xmas are always great times to see inexpensive deals at your neighborhood costume shop. Obviously I make sure many of you are last-minute rugby bandwagoners are scrambling around to locate the best outfits for the days you are there. Just remember that you’ll be fortunate to have your costume come out unharmed on any of the days you go to. Feel free to maintain it reduced spending plan, as you do not require to be one of the most elaborately enhanced personalities out there. You will certainly not be granted any prizes for that below. Nonetheless, if you are crafty enough, DIY costumes typically are a follower preferred, particularly if you match it with your star look alike.

2) Do not drink at the arena
Get your beers at any one of the 7-11’s, or Circle K’s prior to reaching the arena. As you march happily via the streets in your newly found identity, be sure to pound a few prior to going into the gates of Valhalla. Know your limits, of course, yet also understand the limits of your purse. As soon as inside a 32oz can of Carlsberg go will for $200 HKD a pop. It’s easy to lose track of your investing, particularly so if you’re intoxicated, unfamiliar with the currency exchange rate, or you merely don’t have a helpful personal money tracker to help you maintain track. Do not end up like me throughout my first Sevens experience, when I slept in my seat with no one around then woke up sloshed to 500 people and a jumbotron commemorating my awakening. Rate yourself and also your wallet.

3) Come By the Sevens Village
Just before getting in the stadium you’ll go by this area with bean bags and also a jumbotron. This is the 7’s Village and also think what … it’s a cost-free entry. While I do completely suggest that you see the event from inside the unrelenting arena, this dynamic watching alternative is a wonderful means to pace yourself before the substantial pub crawl that occurs throughout the blog post video game festivities. There are likewise many other locations telecasting the event, yet at the very least in the Sevens town, you can still listen to the roar of the group without obtaining their physical fluids on you. That is until some drunk followers begin raiding the village-like Vikings from the moments.

4) Know where to obtain low-cost tickets
In case you need to enter the celebration with your close friends, most definitely attempt to scalp tickets. Avoid sensation rushed right into a purchase from the “trusted” ticket resellers like Viagogo. You’ll end up investing a ton of money on these “minimal” tickets. Make sure to obtain a peek of what the tickets look like for that certain day, so you recognize exactly how to find any possible fraudster. You’ll often have the ability to discover someone attempting to get rid of a reputable ticket near the arena on game day. Obviously haggle for a discount, specifically if the video game has actually currently started. Some people have actually been reported to obtain ticket prices to $200 HKD midway with the occasion.

5) In fact, do not eat at the stadium either
As soon as inside, avoid food stalls within the arena whatsoever prices. You’ll likely queue for the method as well long, end up with a sub-par hotdog, and also entirely miss out on all the action you spent for.

I have a far better proposal for you. Instead, accumulate your cravings during the game then go feast on the numerous Sevens themed food deals around town. This article sums up a few of the very best deals out there. Additionally, there is a new coupon app being released this year called the HKSEVENS ®. As a result of its novelty I’m not exactly sure exactly how well it will work. Yet, if you’re already most likely to be investing cash around community why not take pleasure in price cuts for the best promos gameday weekend break has to supply? Do not say no to cost-free cash money!

6) Have fun … but not way too much
When you are ultimately in the South Stands. Go nuts! Simply don’t overdo with your antics. Enter any kind of altercations either verbally or non-verbally and also you’ll soon experience the quickest method to be accompanied out of the stadium. Not only will you be banned from any kind of future events at the arena, however, but you’ll also likewise need to pay a $500 HKD fine to release you from the holding cell. Don’t ask how I know this …

Also, don’t even think of streaking across the field. It might seem like sound judgment, but every year a person always develops the fluid courage to do it. It’s always one of the most not likely characters that become the most attracted also. Even if you did procure past the big guard blocking access to the area, you’ll then need to manage even larger players that won’t discover you that amusing either. Swiping the game ball and racking up a successful shot in between the objective posts could move you right into tale status, or just a drunkard with a damaged limb as well as medical costs.

7) No, however seriously, eat anywhere BUT the stadium
Let me repeat these yearly food deals. YOU CAN’T PASS THEM UP. There is this Hamburger challenge Hong Kong Sevens Triple Happiness Difficulty at The Butchers Club. Currently, this isn’t some sponsored gimmick. This is a very achievable challenge you need to seriously feast upon. Ravished followers can consume totally free if they can down this burger, beer and also french fries in all under seven marvelous mins. This is SOOO workable. Think of at all times you have actually gotten the drunchies after an evening on the town. You have actually been getting ready for this your entire life. Remember your origins. Dig deep and obtain your cash’s worth. Do not choke ($240 HKD gets on the line). I believe in you.

Whether you’re blowing with thousands of dollars, or looking to having fun without blowing all of your hard-earned money, feel in one’s bones that there are lots of excellent ways to have a good time at the Rugby Sevens. Keep risk-free. Support hard. See y’ all there!